Early Access


Benefits of being an early access user

We really appreciate all the help and feedback we can get, which is why we want to reward you for being an early access user.

As an early access user you get the following:

Early Access
You will be one of the handfull of people who get to use the app before the app is released on the App Store and avilable for millions of other people.

When the app is released, you will get a free version of the app.

The Cutting Edge
You will see what apps we have coming and be able to be a part of the latest apps.

Influence Development
Providing feedback is the best way we can make the app better. The more feedback we get, the better we can make the app. Obviously we want to make the best app possible, so we appreciate all feedback. If you have a feature you want implemented or don’t like something about the app, let us know, we may just implement that feature or remove that annoying popup.

Apply for Early Access

If accepted, you will recieve an invitation to join our the other Early Access users. You will be prompted to install the free TestFlight app from the App Store. The TestFlight app makes installing Early Access apps simple, all you have to do is download the free Testflight app from the App Store and you will get notifications when apps are available and what is new in that version.

For more information, read the TestFlight FAQs or view the TestFlight App on the App Store.

Early access means that the app may have some bugs and that all the features may not be available yet.